Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7-Eleven Escario Cebu opens on 7/11

So today! July 11, 2012, was the opening of the FIRST EVER 7-Eleven branch in our lil' town Cebu! Hooray for today! I just could not hide my excitement and happiness with the opening of our first 7-Eleven. You know what that means----SLURPEESSSS!!!!
This is the view from outside the two story 7-Eleven Escario Cebu branch
Up there are my friends Kat and Edrei, posing for me--arent they such models?

The signpole of Escario Central
so the inside looks like this!
This is what you see on the left side when you come in through the door
The stairs you see here leads to the second floor which is the dining area. The staircase also serves as a nice divider for the commercially prepared food and the 7-Eleven signature menu
I totally agree with this guy, i would get confused what to get first!
This sight made me all jittery and i just could NOT wait to get my hands on the FOOD!!!
But most of all, i couldnt wait to get my hands on a SLURPEEE!!!
STEP 1: Grab a Slurpee cup size of your choice
After picking a cup from the various sizes they offer:
Step 2: Pick a flavor of Slurpee and pour baby, pour!
Be careful not to pour too much in your cup or you might make a mess!--GUILTY!!!
Step 3: Enjoy!
But if you're a pig like me, about face soldier, and grab some grub!
Like a bossing!
After grabbing all that you want from the store, line up!
Note: After the initial pour, the Slurpee sinks to the bottom of your cup as it starts to melt, so as you can see, it looks as if there is no drink--but THERE IS! dun dun dun 
This is my friend Marlo, follow him on Twitter here!
After paying for your stolen items, proceed to the dining area on the second floor! thats right people, not ALL 7-Eleven's have a second floor dining area!
Second floor dining area
A word of advice--stay where we're sitting in this photo, there's only one aircon upstairs and it doesnt fan all the way to the area where the people are on the distant end of this photo.

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Happy Twitter Day!

3 days ago, i had gotten the best day of my Twitter existence when Markki Stroem, a popular and not to mention cute singer replied to my tweet regarding his new Music Video featuring PBB Unlimited Big Winner Slater Young and famous cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao. Here's the photo
So you could just IMAGINE my excitement when i woke up to find this on my Twitter feed!

Anywho! Later that day, i went to Mcdonald's to get my Coca-Cola Olympic Glass! Tweeting about the Mcdonald's burgers, i got another surprise in my Twitter newsfeed and THIS time, Mcdonald's Philippines retweeted me! hooray!
And on my way home, i saw that the 7-Eleven along Escario, Cebu was close to opening! In fact when i clicked on the Twitter page of Escario Central, i found that the 7-Eleven branch was opening on July 11, 2 days away from that time i had passed by! So, i excitedly tweeted about it and GUESS WHAT!!! 7-Eleven Philippines followed me on my Twitter
After all that, i am a happy child! It's not every day one gets all these popular Twitter profiles connect with you--ALL IN ONE DAY!!! :D

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anxious Debut Host


So, today i met up with my friend Ruby, she's celebrating her debut soon and she booked me months ago to host her debut. Being her friend, i unquestioningly agreed to host her debut, which, at the time, was ages away! And i just thought that it would be a regular debut that youngsters these days often had, just a short programme and more on the partying. About a month ago, she sent me the final programme for her debut, and her event coordinator contacted me to confirm my presence as host. ---then i felt the first trickle of fear crawl up my spine. This is gonna be a LEGIT debut! 
The invitation--Notice my name inside.

When i saw Ruby today, she handed me the gorgeous invitation, white, embossed with her name on the front and hardbound. I was agape at the sight of it--it was beautiful! I quickly rummaged and removed the silver elastic ribbon, and opened the flipboard invite, inside were the big W's of the event and golly-gee-whiz! MY NAME along with my partner Natasha's name as hosts.----my heart fell at the honor of being chosen to host such a grand event. Deep inside, im not entirely sure or confident in my capability--i mean, this event will include her parents, grandparents and their friends, all of whom are of prominent standing in the City. Nevertheless, i will do my best--im in the process of writing the first draft for the script and i will make sure that this debut, informally themed "you only turn 18 once", will be one she will truly remember and cherish for the rest of her life. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Meeting for the First time

SO on May 22, 2011 i met with relatives flying in from MLA for the first time :D before that day, these guys were non-existent to me but now, i love them like crazy! hahaha HERE WE GO!
This is Ellae (pronounced “LA”) so proud to have a cousin who graduated Magna Cum Laude at UNF :D yay!!

This is Ate Di! SHe works, lives in, and loves Abu Dhabi! She lives beside Ferrari World! isn’t that fabulous?!

This is Jayb! he's Ellae's brother! haha he's tall! if im not mistaken he's 6'0"!!! he makes the funniest faces and the best voice imitTIONS OF  SMeagol hahahaha YEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH

This is Marjon! he's sexy in his own right and has 3 billboard up in MLA isnt that fab?! he's great fun to be with and makes the BEST Stitch voice imitation hahaha he hates the world daw HAHA


I found Candy in My Third Place

I had just graduated from University last March and  taken my board exams. Not wanting to be stuck at home, i decided to look for some work. Waiting for my board exam results, I decided to look out for something I've always wanted to do, be a Barista! Throughout my childhood and teenage years growing up in this lil' town, Cebu, my mom constantly being an avid Starbucks fan, had once purchased a gigantic limited edition Starbucks cup. Being a people person, i have always envisioned myself brightening up people's morning with a cuppa and a smile! I have also always wanted to say "Grande Mocha Frappuccino for _________ at the bar!" 

In my pursuit of this endeavor, I went resume dropping at certain Starbucks branches in Cebu that i wanted to work at--and 'lo and behold! I came across this fine creature, perfect! i found Candy in Starbucks--my third place forever! xoxo 
OMG asjghfdjahg!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's not everyday that i have drama. Today isn't any of those days. In fact, i'm content to just lie around in bed all day but tomorrow's a big day, its Pre-Board exams for me and so i wanted to organize a study group. My one guy friend said he didn't wanna come coz he just wanted to stay home and chill. But he sent me this nonetheless. So sweet!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Of Surprise Sweets

Are there times you often wonder to yourself what kind of person you are? Do you get those blank moments when you just wonder what people really think of you and if you're good enough for the people around you? Well i do! Amidst the fast paced world, i find myself wondering this over and over.

I had just recently joined Formspring and connected it to my other social networks. I found one sweet reply from my best friend to a question posted by Formspring.

Formspring asked "have you ever given flowers to someone?"

And my bestfriend replies "yes, to my ever gayest best friend on valentine's day"

She had indeed given me roses on Valentine's day, it was the first time someone had given me roses, of their own free will on Valentine's. I was all the dither about it.

I had not yet joined formspring at the time this was answered and i took heart in the knowledge that although i had not known it, being my bestfriend is truy the way she sees me. I love you Gieths, this one's for you!

One Direction Love

So they've taken the world by storm! This bunch of misfits called One Direction. I have to be honest, in the beginning i wasn't all that into them, i kept thinking oh its just another boy band. And when i'd be on Twitter, they would trend ALL the time! Especially when they turned 18, i ridiculed people because they got so happy they couldn't be called pedophile anymore LOL so i got to actually watching their music videos and picked out cuties loke Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson and hotties like Zayn Malik and Liam Payne... Harry just isn't my type, i dunno why. So i watched more and more of their videos and fell deeper and deeper into the revelry of the One Direction Craze!