Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This guy right here, is Almel Booc! i first noticed Almel coz of his smile! and Ladies, i think you’ll agree he has the most refreshing smile EVER! ♫When he smiles, i smile♫ teehee! and a fun fact: Almel is on our swim team in Nursing :D actually, that got me in some trouble last year, i made a naughty comment about him in his trunks— BUT we worked it out! so its all good :D I <3 ALmel

Monday, August 15, 2011

Torchin' Figola

SO last weekend, my friends and I went to TORCH! thats short for Tournament of Champions. it's a cosplay event which was held in SM Cebu. You see my god friend Giethel is a fab cosplayer, she's not like those "chaka" trying hard pinoys who cosplay, she really looks the part and I'm so proud of her!
This is my friend Neil with Giethel! hahahhaha Giethel is called Nam-Nam in the cosplay community and apparently she's saying "namnamn" in this photo teehee

right so after SM i went to my friend's house to have fab dinner and some drinks :D here are the photos

That's (L-R) Reymiel, Melba(she's a goddess), me, Mai2x (Emil's gf) and Emil

This is me with my girls! Clarisse, Aileen and Vim we so fabulous!
Aileen, Clarisse, Vim and Hanz my babessss.

This is my baby Aaron! this guy is the sweetest thing! He's sucha gentleman and he took good care of me when i got wasted later that night... Ended up sleeping in his house haha

So we went to Figola and met up with Kevin (thats the dark guy, he's so others) Kayla, the girl in black, Neil, CLarisse, Vim, Aileen, Giethel (not in costume), Aaron and AL my grandaddyo

I got to meet this cute guy Peter but OMG guess what, he's only 15! teehee

THIS WAS THE HIGHLIGHT of my night! You see, Aaron really likes Aileen but then im not sure if Aileen like him back... They have a lot of sweet moments tho! just like this one! it was so sweet i got inspired to make a quote : Once in a while we find someone we didn't expect to find. Someone who'll be there even if you don't ask them to be. Someone who'll stick with you no matter what, and most especially, hold your hand when there's nothing left to hold on to. PAK!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Aodh (pronounced /ˈeɪ /, a single long vowel like the first vowel in the English word able)
Aodh or Áed is an Irish word of Indo-European origin, equivalent to fire in English.
It is also the name of a Celtic sun god.

The days were cold though
Summer was all heat
The sun, unwavering with frost
Left me to think of a future bleak.

Walking down the cold aisle hugging myself warm,
Fate decided a venture new,
I open the door, a chill blew out
I braced myself and I saw you.

Right then and there little I knew
Destiny’s hand had caught my way
The warmth flooded me, my every vein,
My heart skipped when I saw Aodh.

The days sped light as rain
Whose tail would leave a rainbow’s shine,
Color filled my dreary eyes, a wish,
Oh Willer, won’t you be mine?

Now chance shall play its’ evil card
To see you a month no more
‘tis the price I pay for smiles you gave
The pain, it burns me to the core.

‘till then I hold my heart embraced
Consoling the fire, waiting for the day
That day which fate decides I shall
Set my love, unleashed on Aodh.