Saturday, August 13, 2011


Aodh (pronounced /ˈeɪ /, a single long vowel like the first vowel in the English word able)
Aodh or Áed is an Irish word of Indo-European origin, equivalent to fire in English.
It is also the name of a Celtic sun god.

The days were cold though
Summer was all heat
The sun, unwavering with frost
Left me to think of a future bleak.

Walking down the cold aisle hugging myself warm,
Fate decided a venture new,
I open the door, a chill blew out
I braced myself and I saw you.

Right then and there little I knew
Destiny’s hand had caught my way
The warmth flooded me, my every vein,
My heart skipped when I saw Aodh.

The days sped light as rain
Whose tail would leave a rainbow’s shine,
Color filled my dreary eyes, a wish,
Oh Willer, won’t you be mine?

Now chance shall play its’ evil card
To see you a month no more
‘tis the price I pay for smiles you gave
The pain, it burns me to the core.

‘till then I hold my heart embraced
Consoling the fire, waiting for the day
That day which fate decides I shall
Set my love, unleashed on Aodh.

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