Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7-Eleven Escario Cebu opens on 7/11

So today! July 11, 2012, was the opening of the FIRST EVER 7-Eleven branch in our lil' town Cebu! Hooray for today! I just could not hide my excitement and happiness with the opening of our first 7-Eleven. You know what that means----SLURPEESSSS!!!!
This is the view from outside the two story 7-Eleven Escario Cebu branch
Up there are my friends Kat and Edrei, posing for me--arent they such models?

The signpole of Escario Central
so the inside looks like this!
This is what you see on the left side when you come in through the door
The stairs you see here leads to the second floor which is the dining area. The staircase also serves as a nice divider for the commercially prepared food and the 7-Eleven signature menu
I totally agree with this guy, i would get confused what to get first!
This sight made me all jittery and i just could NOT wait to get my hands on the FOOD!!!
But most of all, i couldnt wait to get my hands on a SLURPEEE!!!
STEP 1: Grab a Slurpee cup size of your choice
After picking a cup from the various sizes they offer:
Step 2: Pick a flavor of Slurpee and pour baby, pour!
Be careful not to pour too much in your cup or you might make a mess!--GUILTY!!!
Step 3: Enjoy!
But if you're a pig like me, about face soldier, and grab some grub!
Like a bossing!
After grabbing all that you want from the store, line up!
Note: After the initial pour, the Slurpee sinks to the bottom of your cup as it starts to melt, so as you can see, it looks as if there is no drink--but THERE IS! dun dun dun 
This is my friend Marlo, follow him on Twitter here!
After paying for your stolen items, proceed to the dining area on the second floor! thats right people, not ALL 7-Eleven's have a second floor dining area!
Second floor dining area
A word of advice--stay where we're sitting in this photo, there's only one aircon upstairs and it doesnt fan all the way to the area where the people are on the distant end of this photo.

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