Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Twitter Day!

3 days ago, i had gotten the best day of my Twitter existence when Markki Stroem, a popular and not to mention cute singer replied to my tweet regarding his new Music Video featuring PBB Unlimited Big Winner Slater Young and famous cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao. Here's the photo
So you could just IMAGINE my excitement when i woke up to find this on my Twitter feed!

Anywho! Later that day, i went to Mcdonald's to get my Coca-Cola Olympic Glass! Tweeting about the Mcdonald's burgers, i got another surprise in my Twitter newsfeed and THIS time, Mcdonald's Philippines retweeted me! hooray!
And on my way home, i saw that the 7-Eleven along Escario, Cebu was close to opening! In fact when i clicked on the Twitter page of Escario Central, i found that the 7-Eleven branch was opening on July 11, 2 days away from that time i had passed by! So, i excitedly tweeted about it and GUESS WHAT!!! 7-Eleven Philippines followed me on my Twitter
After all that, i am a happy child! It's not every day one gets all these popular Twitter profiles connect with you--ALL IN ONE DAY!!! :D

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