Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anxious Debut Host


So, today i met up with my friend Ruby, she's celebrating her debut soon and she booked me months ago to host her debut. Being her friend, i unquestioningly agreed to host her debut, which, at the time, was ages away! And i just thought that it would be a regular debut that youngsters these days often had, just a short programme and more on the partying. About a month ago, she sent me the final programme for her debut, and her event coordinator contacted me to confirm my presence as host. ---then i felt the first trickle of fear crawl up my spine. This is gonna be a LEGIT debut! 
The invitation--Notice my name inside.

When i saw Ruby today, she handed me the gorgeous invitation, white, embossed with her name on the front and hardbound. I was agape at the sight of it--it was beautiful! I quickly rummaged and removed the silver elastic ribbon, and opened the flipboard invite, inside were the big W's of the event and golly-gee-whiz! MY NAME along with my partner Natasha's name as hosts.----my heart fell at the honor of being chosen to host such a grand event. Deep inside, im not entirely sure or confident in my capability--i mean, this event will include her parents, grandparents and their friends, all of whom are of prominent standing in the City. Nevertheless, i will do my best--im in the process of writing the first draft for the script and i will make sure that this debut, informally themed "you only turn 18 once", will be one she will truly remember and cherish for the rest of her life. 

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