Sunday, July 8, 2012

I found Candy in My Third Place

I had just graduated from University last March and  taken my board exams. Not wanting to be stuck at home, i decided to look for some work. Waiting for my board exam results, I decided to look out for something I've always wanted to do, be a Barista! Throughout my childhood and teenage years growing up in this lil' town, Cebu, my mom constantly being an avid Starbucks fan, had once purchased a gigantic limited edition Starbucks cup. Being a people person, i have always envisioned myself brightening up people's morning with a cuppa and a smile! I have also always wanted to say "Grande Mocha Frappuccino for _________ at the bar!" 

In my pursuit of this endeavor, I went resume dropping at certain Starbucks branches in Cebu that i wanted to work at--and 'lo and behold! I came across this fine creature, perfect! i found Candy in Starbucks--my third place forever! xoxo 
OMG asjghfdjahg!!!

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