Sunday, July 8, 2012

Meeting for the First time

SO on May 22, 2011 i met with relatives flying in from MLA for the first time :D before that day, these guys were non-existent to me but now, i love them like crazy! hahaha HERE WE GO!
This is Ellae (pronounced “LA”) so proud to have a cousin who graduated Magna Cum Laude at UNF :D yay!!

This is Ate Di! SHe works, lives in, and loves Abu Dhabi! She lives beside Ferrari World! isn’t that fabulous?!

This is Jayb! he's Ellae's brother! haha he's tall! if im not mistaken he's 6'0"!!! he makes the funniest faces and the best voice imitTIONS OF  SMeagol hahahaha YEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH

This is Marjon! he's sexy in his own right and has 3 billboard up in MLA isnt that fab?! he's great fun to be with and makes the BEST Stitch voice imitation hahaha he hates the world daw HAHA


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